Monday, March 29, 2010

threads & chains

he wore me around his wrist 
and i wore him around my neck

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i feel the beat, i feel the heat. i feel your wind.


08- you meet her 
09- you lost her 
09- coldplay 
10- blue based 

thank you thank you thank you.

for the first time in a long time. 
i felt content

so umm

f:so you guys are like friends?
f:you guys close or what 
a: ya we are, were like this;

(yah we're that tight)


you & i 
agreed on a 15 minute junction.
it turned out to be 2hours of perfection. 

at its best 

we need to get together more, ill help you & you help me. 
we make great art together 

Friday, March 26, 2010


i need a bunch of crazy people and my camera.

wheres the good? the palm tree? joy? & the boys. 
i'd like to see you soon. 
& i need to take pictures. 
& i need memories. 

hey secret keeper

you said you'd never let me go?

id like to run. 
id like a box
id like to connect 
id like a friend. 

& please let me fly away.

ill be there for you. 
just know that ill catch you when you fall. 
& i will love you. 
i do love you 

im tired of loving you. 
i need to be set free. 
& float effortlessly 
i dont want to let you go. 
but i have to.
id like to fly out of this cage, because cages are meant to trap.

grey skies.

look outside & think of me
think of me when there's rain 
when droplets fall from the sky in the middle of the spring. 

i know what this is. 
i feel it. 
i feel you. 
(sunday is not far away)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wed, March 25, 2009
hey! how have you been? i havnt seen you in a while, miss you...... :( 

its been a year.
(do you still miss me, i miss what we were)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

music from ish.

i cant control.
i feel you in my bones. 
you're knocking on my windows 

like now.

& the sad part about it

is that i know that i cant have you. 

(i always knew)

Friday, March 19, 2010

everything is better in black & white

(the black keys never looked so beautiful) 

this song is 4you.

save me i'm lost 
save me from being confused 

i need saving. 

i thought there was more:

more to us. 
more than just a few incounters. 
i was willing to give you all i have inside. 
when i tell you i miss you, i meant it. 
i wont let you down. 
you told me to wait and see. 
i waited 
and waited
and sadly im still waiting. 
i dont want to let you, dont let me slip into your past. 
i thought we were going to paint a world of our own. 

(every hello ends with a goodbye?)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

prettyboy & insecurelittlegirl

(somewhere between magic & tragic) 

today today today

this never felt so 
perfect & wonderful. 

it felt like i was kissing the lipless, kissing the life of something thats dead. 
i think it's back 
what we once never had. 
magic in the name of us. 

(it was only a kiss it was only a kiss)
to you it was only a kiss.
to me it was a kiss.
i know it means nothing to you.
but it means something to me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

up in the sky

look at all those stars 
the constellations 
up there in the sky 
dont they look the same?
they're still the same from last week. 
from last year. 
they're the same: when we were kids & even when we weren't born. 
and in about 100 years. 
they'll still be there. 
but no one will know who we are. 
but let me tell you this:
they'll know those same stars. 

agenda marked

it was all planed out for;
me & you. 

now its planed out for you & her. 

and i thrown in the back with them. 

i wanted me&you. 
i needed you&i. 


Saturday, March 6, 2010


walk away and say goodbye.

because ive given you a chance. 
& you didnt embrace it. 

so goodbye my friend. 

& when you want to say hello again. 
be the person i liked, the person i miss and not the person who stands before me & sits next to me. 

(i dont mind it, i dont mind it all) 

not you

at the end of the day
all she needs to be is
h e r self

tonight i'll be with the light.

music for your heart, soul, mind and ears.

i will sing this alone. 
by the couch that reminds you of cory. 

(hometown glory in my head)


d o w n
fill my body 
with such pain 
this desire 
this hopeless world 
down rain 
drizzle down on me 
leave your umberlla at the door 
walk with me 
on the beach at the shoor 
wrap me 
drops and drops 
my hopeless desire 
and my never coming euphoria 
my love that'll never be. 
me with your eyes & stardust 
of rain 
from the sky 
oh what a powerful sky 
fall on me 

(ive given up, and the rain isnt as exciting as it was before you were in my world)

Monday, March 1, 2010


a color with a scent.

vanilla crisp. 

(ah like paradise)