Sunday, February 28, 2010

i told you i'd wait for you.

this is where we met 
this is what i wore. 
you left me 
now all i have left 
are the memories.

lovely music:

listen & feel. 

(kicks so hard it breaks your bones.)

thoughtful mornings and thoughtful nights.

filled with pretty faces. 
all those pretty faces. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

im hurting, im missing can't you see?

i feel nothing.

i swear

its okay to be: 
i wish i was enough for someone. 

what if?

lea: but sometimes I feel I feel like im going backwards and forwards at the same time, get it?
dany: of course i get it, i've lived it. 
lea: it's hard
dany: no its fair 
lea: no. 
dany: of course. we have a deeper understanding, deeper talent, and so we are plagued with more complex problems
lea: the ones that we think are impossible to solve or at least thats what we think?
dany: but then they always unravel. soon enough. 
lea: dany what if they dont, what if it doesn't. what if the butterfly is not yet ready to leave her cocoon ?
dany: then give it time, and dont puncture the cocoon. 
lea: i hate this, i hate how everything needs time. 
dany: speed through it and you  have no appreciation for it all.  

alice, alice, alice? alice where'd you go?


do whatever your heart desires. 

{&dontletanyone try to stop you}

its all about the roads

j: " when did you fuck up and change?"
a: "11th grade, i changed everything, my whole life changed. i call it metamorphosis "
j: " well I'm scared to do that. to be honest I'm such a hypocrite, i tell people that they should change up. but i don't. "
a: "we're all hypocrites at some degree, but that does not mean we give bad advice"
j: "i don't take my own advice, then why should they?"
a: "heck you don't need your advice. people do."
j: "but i should, consider and learn from my own advice ?"
a: "no, you don't need it. you aren't like people, you are different therefore you need to do things differently"
j: " go straight"
a: " take a detour, it's not easier but its fun-er."
j: " a detour it is then" 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

known for setting the world on fire.

this is directly to you.

you are you. 
you make yourself. 
who you are is who you make yourself to be. 
no one touches you unless you allow them too. 
you have your own bubble.
you are genuine. 
white and clear. 
free flowing & carefree. 
*twisted in some way*

(you should be cloned because more people like you are needed in this world)


so much storming mystery.
chaos refined in a diamond.
black and white. 
a tower in a desert. 
a leaf in a frozen lake. 

i love your music. 
better than any present. 
it's like you've given a piece of soul to me. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

not there yet. needed a break, some fresh air will do.

everyones a jewel

she dances. 
she sings.
she's swift. 
she's sweet.
beautiful face 
beautiful eyes. 
passion for art. 
a drawer
a painter 
a writer 
unlike others i didnt push her away. 
but she has a barrier 
i might not see you 
you might not see me 
i never meet you
a hello  
just crossed our paths in these three days
i will remember you, even if i didn't meet you directly 
i will remember you 
and your beauty

(" the thoughts of my deepest self, colide. everything is nothing, nothing is everything". take care beautiful one)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh those butterflies.

pretty eyes and pretty boy
in a room filled with pretty faces.
you and i. intertwined. 
my heart was screaming i love you, i feel you. 
as i am writing this 
I'm shaking, caused joy's rush. 
remembering I touched your hand today. 
i looked into your eyes
i felt you all around me
we talked 
something i thought you and i would never do after that misleading road-trip.
my soul screams " passion for the boy, hurt from this boy, passion from the eyes, hurt from the heart, passion for the boy"
You are. 
just like house and vicodin. 
your hugs; a warm embrace. 
your eyes; a new world. 
you: normal, normal. 
i dont need them twisted people. 
i need someone like you. 
today i felt you. 
i looked into your eyes
i touched your hands 
i held you for a couple of seconds 
i laughed 
Because of you. 
Look at what you do to me. 
you are empowering. 
your looks, & your eyes. 
who you are is empowering

(guess who's sleeping with a smile tonight ?)

Monday, February 8, 2010

& you ask me why i am scared to go out like this

there's something
about the air, when i open my window and take a deep breathe 
or when i leave, when im in the open air. 
its a feeling. 
i feel something. 
its not that "butterfly feeling" 
its a greater, yet scarier one. 
i feel him. 
he's here 
in the air
around me
with me 
near me 
always around me 
*in my head, im my mind, in my heart*
breathing the same air. 
i can feel you. 
two people, breathing the same air. 
we unite. 

(do you feel it too, i hope you do)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a love that will never happen.

"just notice me, then be with me & ill guarantee, we will be high class lovers"

(we're 2 people that walk down the same hallways, i noticed you, your turn to notice me)

hey babe

you can talk all you want, and you jeer all you want. 
but i have one thing to say;
At least i'm not known as a superficial bitch 

oh my god.

you are one pretty boy. 

so pretty, that it hurts. 
just looking at you kills. 

(youre a looker,with the most beautiful eyes) 

Monday, February 1, 2010

the first thing people tend to notice.

like like

we're both different people 
you come from there and i am from here 
people with two different hearts 
your does not feel what i feel 
mine aches 
two different pairs of eyes
yours see blurry images and words and patters 
mine see the truth in all clearness 
two different people 
we are 
but that doesn't mean two different people cant be together 
two different hands could still touch and fill the empty spaces between my fingers
two different minds could still think alike
two different hearts  could find a way to come together
indifference is all we need 
we can find that 
in us, somewhere. 
no matter how deep. 
all i need is you. 

(i would like you to like me, & this is where i wonder did you like me?)