Wednesday, January 18, 2012

remember this, jan17

"Reserved Parking
Thank You"

thats why i kissed you

but with you
i feel nothing+alive
at the same time.


this is it
tip toes
on grave yards

flesh on fire
lips lit from matches
a walking sin
from a dark place

ill let you touch my skin
ill let you break my bones

Sunday, January 15, 2012

so beautiful
so ethereal

the ride&stuff

touching your hands

be good to me
i think this means

my only comfort zone; gone.

blood is just red body fluid
it doesn't mean a thing to me
it never meant a thing to me
& kinship is just a word.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

but no, wait.

take her away

here's the water
take it
cold as ice
looking down
your sinful hands
running through her insides

she speaks softly to my ears
expressions & her dull eyes
he was
feeling me
merging every inch of desire
tickles in my soul
what more could i ask for
what more could she need
what more could she want
wash it away
wash it all away
the ice between his nails
and the water thats sliding down
his finger tips
slowly cleansing

Thursday, January 5, 2012

but i did it all for your honor.

i dont remember

it was all hazy
i haven't felt so vulnerable
take it all away

pass me the phone

the bottle is done
my insides are intoxicated
your sharp canines
touching my lace
i cant do this anymore
i want you
i kept saying
i want you
everything was escalating
blowing the fuse
sensor things
sensor everything

this is all wrong
your eyes are too fragile

ill tell you
ill tell you how you crept through my spine
ill tell you about the grip
ill tell you about how i can hear your blood, run down my fingers.
the sounds of the bass
and the sound of you saying my name
my endless sighs
pitch black

i wake up, on your roof
it was cold in december
now i have you
&your body
&the candles
&the music
this is my trip
this is me and you
this is us.

cornered bruise

it was
ripping through my skin
slowly devouring my bones
& opening up every dry crease on my lips

you're digging in
its bleeding down
salt my wounds
& no one was there
& no one could hear

my screams
my raging screams
please stop the pain
lay me down in your
warm arms
& i'll whisper
please stop

whatever it takes

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wrapped in lights
playing with stars

because maybe if i shine
you'll notice me