Wednesday, June 23, 2010

perfect sun - breathe it in

thanx 4the phone call

dont worry
all this isnt real.

what you feel
can never be real.

far away at the break of day

not yours 
and not mine 


this is our escape. 


nothing really matters 

& no one really wins.


in this room 
this place 
that garden 

yes this is where i meet you. 
now all i want to do is 
forget you. 

cotton candy sweet

her voice
& melancholy

a perfect ring to it
a voice that fills you with hope.

dont mind if you show it

left there 
cold and broken 
a beauty 
a fairy-tale princess 
don't cry 
he should've known you were shy 

don't worry 
shattered like a perfect piece of glass 
sharp edges 
but easily fixed 
why'd you leave her there 
Beautifully broken?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

once you turn black theres no going back

2show you i care

even when we part 
she will always have 
a place in my heart. 
no matter what. 

i wish i could call you & tell you i care 
but will you listen?
will you just stand there?
(i dont think you'll listen. i wish you did)

but optimism is powerful

all black phase 

yes i feel that way 
i have gotten to the point. 


i said i'm sorry
& i said i'll try

im sure that

this loneliness is 
you do something to me that i cant explain 
so would i be completely out of line to say: 
"i miss you" 


  • im pushing you away because i cant let you stay. 

Friday, June 11, 2010


dont worry you'll be okay

hopeless dreamer 

hold on
be strong 


hello hello 
miss me?
i miss you

i think about you all the time. 

only with you

i try to make myself so vague 
but with you 
im as clear as 
shiny glass.


i know you're here 
i wake up 
& i know i can feel you 
like i did once before when you were around. 

i can feel your presence 
i really can 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i wish i wish i wish

you are here.

late night phone calls 

so wheres my medication ?

its unhealthy exactly how much i think of you.

something about you

the way you make me feel 
is so unreal 

its something that is not meant to be hidden 
the way you make me feel 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'm convinced

i'll never be her 
& i'll never be like her 

maybe thats why you gave up on me. 
because all your life your going to look for someone 
exactly like her. 
& you thought that girl was me. 

but i am me. 
i am not her. 
im sorry to let you down. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

away a w a y

nothing left 2 say 
i blew you away 

your just another sparkle 
another pretty little grain.

i need 2find one.

will you be my muse?
ive been looking for one. 
& i found you. 

be my muse 
i'd like a muse


a rush of something. 
a rush of something powerful 
its a rush 
i feel it creeping up my veins 

one by one.

we all relate to one another 
& we all intertwine with eachother. 

we all come together. 

suited up.

your curls 
    & your voice 


dont assume things 

ask be4 you do. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

smile, its gonna be a good day

i wont change.

like it or leave it 

i dont care 
this is who i am. 

lesson learned

take control of your own life
sometimes peoples advice
is not what you need
and not the right way to the paths you want to take
take the advice that feels right
& dont listen to one person
if somethings wrong
if what your getting is not what you like
then change what youre doing
& find someone
who will like you
for who you are.


brush it off & smile

todays a new day 
yesterdays the past 
smile & carry on 
remember to be like the stars 
& to always shine. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

look it up

to be in need or want:

leave it out.

i was on the edge 

but i think i'm 
breaking down 


i need you here with me 
i really need you 
i need you 
call me. 

hey can you

just leave me alone 
with my thoughts 

stressful nights

a good cry 
will always help 

a good cry. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

your stardust is all i have left of you

no one's behind me.

help me 
i'm lost 
help me
come look for me 
im lost 

i run cause deep down inside 
i want to be chased 

come look 4 me. 
come follow me

i am i n v i s i b l e

if i cant be beautiful 
i'd like to feel invisible 

i feel invisible 

up in the sky

i look up at the sky 
the sky thats filled with diamonds 
i wonder 
are you somewhere out there 
looking at the same sparkles 

the full moon fools me & whispers to me 
"he is thinking of you 2darling i can see him, i can read him"

tell her what she wants to hear

tell her she's worth it 

she deserves it 
because she is 


there's this piece of you thats always
with me
its with me
its around me
its in everywhere i go
& everything i see.

new perspectives? new friends?

it would be nice to meet new people
i need a good change
i need good vibes