Saturday, August 11, 2012

the bittersweet
& the inbetween
open more than just your heart
spill out your(thoughts)
sing to me
with me
linger around my soul
and i feel your breaths all around my torso
ill hold you forever

i dont know what more
just open up
to me
with me
youll be all mine
and ill be all yours

Monday, August 6, 2012

you cant feel this way forever

whatever this is

whatever i think this is

whatever we thought this was
hasn't turned out,
pieces by pieces
we're falling
d o w n

i think i found something,
i have nothing left
i loved you the most
you (most)

in the clouds i'm high up, with myself
you cant touch me
dont touch me
piece by piece
the ripple when the pebble hits the water, the white tips
seducing my feet
i can hear it
you said you never loved me
& i know i never will
head in the sea
i dont think there's ever going to be
a you
& me..