Friday, October 29, 2010


but all she will ever do is
push push push push me away


i cant

what more can i do
what more can i say
i cant just walk away

i mean it

i would die for you
thats exactly how much you mean to me..

you changed my life

& everyday before i go to bed
i thank you
and you
and you
i'm grateful

i love you all

yes it's a great gift

some people just

once upon a time

it felt like
she was saying the saddest story ever
looking right into her eyes
was like the saddest love story

Saturday, October 23, 2010

oh the sweet taste of new york


he was my escape and sometimes that can feel an awful lot like love.


everyone can dream
everyone needs dreams
youre never 2 old
and never 2 young

i just want to be your friend

& i'll sing my heart out
& i'll cry my heart out
i'll write you a song

& if i draw a tear will that make things clear?
then you can see whats really hurting me?
you're my only song
my master symphony
you're the only one worth crying for
i'll help you
i'll hold you
i'll want you
i'll give you love
i need your love


a small part of you will always
be with me.
heartaches and heart breaks
ships sink and eyes blink
50 bullets she misses
for a thousand sweet kisses

Saturday, October 16, 2010

like a feather
id like to float away

Friday, October 15, 2010

& im giving up on you
like you gave up on me

some kind of love.


i miss looking into your eyes
that feeling my heart gets when i look at them
i miss that feeling
i miss those eyes.

let me haunt you

in your dreams where you go
let me be your ghost
ill be there to keep you safe
and scare away everything
that needs to be replaced


along with a tired self
along with being always lost
along with everything
along with my tired tired soul

i feel totally in control
and i dont know where to go..

that feeling

its like my mind is floating in some other galaxy
taking a trip along and in between the stars
im here physically but
my mind, body &soul are not
and it feels like
i'm in peace, just hovering
sweetly released

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

her silent cry for help

listen to her

its one big canvas

life = art

(paint freely)

you can always trust me

open up to someone about something
or write it down
& set it free

dont fool yourself

all your pluses add up
to nothing.