Wednesday, March 28, 2012

simply: i just want you

so self-destructive
im not good
im not healthy
for you

for myself

Sunday, March 18, 2012

recognize me

home - daughter

burnt out flames should never re-ignite

soul kiss

break my addictions
& be my cigarette
roll it up
kill it off
take it away
with every grip
i grow more obsessed

(my valium)
every sound & reverb
every raw detail your voice projects
into me
out of lust
i want to refine you in white
maybe pink
and pop you like a pill
take you when i'm down
or on magic hill

so tell me, about myself.

the girl who visions ripping her self to pieces at a sight of a mirror
the girl who will die of insecurity
the girl sitting next to you
the girl who's diagnosed & patiently waiting for a cure
the girl by the phone
the sister that tries to create a satisfying impression
the daughter that hides depression
the student that struggles
the poet that writes about her pain
the teenager thats bottling up her tears
the stranger that walks by, with suicide crossing her mind
the one who is alone
the person living in shame
the one who's only asking for someone
to care.