Saturday, September 5, 2009


i feel sleepless.
its so hard to sleep when theres so much on your mind. 
when you just cant help but think about; 
or the fact that your crush wont ever like you the way you do?
or how your parents pick sides & there never on yours?
or who are you gonna sit with at the lunch table?
or how can we ever make this work?
or how can i get someone to believe in me?
or whats gonna happen to her?
or how did we end up like this.?

but mostly why is it that im feeling lost. 
when im clearly on the right path. 

and cold
very very cold. 
i need you, the person ive been thinking off the person who is making me sleepless. 
i need you to make me warm.

i need you i really do. 

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