Wednesday, October 28, 2009

blue. rain. keys.

drip drop drip drop 
d r i p 
d r o p 
you see a crack in the sky. 
a flash. 
you hear a loud noise. 
my heart follows the sound. 
rain. so much rain. rain. rain and more and more rain. 
make a wish in the rain. 
wow bright lights and loud thunders. 
this is it. 
this is that sign. 
this is rain. 
today it rained. today i remembered you. 
today you are 18. 
yesterday i loved you. today i love you. and tomorrow ill still love you. 
yesterday i missed you. today i miss you. and tomorrow ill see you. 
today it rained. 
today is the beginning of a new season. 
today is love
[today is all yours]

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