Monday, October 12, 2009

i will keep the memories

i will keep those memories we had together walking on the beach, our feet in the water. 
our eyes looking up at the stars. 
i will remember which star you pointed to and i will remember when you said " that star is ours "
i will remember when you gave me that one rose, and told me to keep it forever even if i dies. 
& i still have that. 
i will remember that one cold night where you took of your jacket and gave it to me and whispered in my ear " you can keep it to make you warm whenever your cold ".
i remember that wink you gave me while i was walking down the hall. 
i will remember everything we had together. 
i will remember you. 
i hope you remember me. 

[a rose, a jacket, a star and a bunch of heartwarming memories]

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