Saturday, January 23, 2010

time for myself

11:56pm- insecureities kick in 
11:58pm- cold, cold. 
4:43pm- happy, smiles. 
4:45pm- simple, aesthetics being discovered. 
4:50pm- sleepy, txting. 
5:06pm- very very sleepy.
8:20pm- lost.
8:25pm- thinking of him, his beauty & his eyes.
9:09pm- thinking about stupid things that will never happen.
10:55pm- painting. 
5:02pm- confident
10:36- content.
10:26- relieved. 
8:42pm- sorry.
9:52pm- sleepy, talked to you. happy.
2:11pm: sleepy, feeling fat. 
12:58pm-loved, sleepy.
4:15pm- desire.
4:23pm- connected.
4:25pm- alone. 
4:45- silence.

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