Thursday, February 25, 2010

what if?

lea: but sometimes I feel I feel like im going backwards and forwards at the same time, get it?
dany: of course i get it, i've lived it. 
lea: it's hard
dany: no its fair 
lea: no. 
dany: of course. we have a deeper understanding, deeper talent, and so we are plagued with more complex problems
lea: the ones that we think are impossible to solve or at least thats what we think?
dany: but then they always unravel. soon enough. 
lea: dany what if they dont, what if it doesn't. what if the butterfly is not yet ready to leave her cocoon ?
dany: then give it time, and dont puncture the cocoon. 
lea: i hate this, i hate how everything needs time. 
dany: speed through it and you  have no appreciation for it all.  

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