Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh those butterflies.

pretty eyes and pretty boy
in a room filled with pretty faces.
you and i. intertwined. 
my heart was screaming i love you, i feel you. 
as i am writing this 
I'm shaking, caused joy's rush. 
remembering I touched your hand today. 
i looked into your eyes
i felt you all around me
we talked 
something i thought you and i would never do after that misleading road-trip.
my soul screams " passion for the boy, hurt from this boy, passion from the eyes, hurt from the heart, passion for the boy"
You are. 
just like house and vicodin. 
your hugs; a warm embrace. 
your eyes; a new world. 
you: normal, normal. 
i dont need them twisted people. 
i need someone like you. 
today i felt you. 
i looked into your eyes
i touched your hands 
i held you for a couple of seconds 
i laughed 
Because of you. 
Look at what you do to me. 
you are empowering. 
your looks, & your eyes. 
who you are is empowering

(guess who's sleeping with a smile tonight ?)

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