Friday, April 16, 2010


ive never seen you in such a different light
we were two people that exchanged hellos and goodbyes
down the hall
by the lockers
in class
on the streets
at the copy room
and in the work space
so many different rooms&places

it just h i t me
like a fast push through my heart

i knew it wasnt sudden
it grew.
feelings grow, you know?
but i couldnt believe that this feeling could grow
into this

internal thoughts;
i love him
as a friend
no more.
my heart is getting the best of me
am i in over my head?
he is just a friend..
my heart and mind are showing me that he is more.

i feel more i swear
i know this is it
i know he is it
for me
maybe not someone to spend my life with.
but someones who fufils my needs now.

but as i get closer to him i feel him falling for me.
her name slips gently out of his mouth
& he is calling me?
could it be
mixing me up with his current love?
we need to do this properly

(better left u n said)

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