Thursday, August 13, 2009

for you.

Its true heartbreak. Makes you feel like shit.
But behind every heartbreak you have memories.
Some that are just too painful to look back on.
But there are the other ones that made you fall for that person in the first place.
The ones that make you smile :)
Yes! Sometimes " running from reality " and stopping at a land where this place is filled with dreams and wishes, the ones that you were imagining before going to sleep.
Or daydreaming about them in math class.
& you think that, that stop will make you forget everything.
but then you leave that destination & sometimes when you look back at those happy memories you cry. because you're hurting, and you're wondering where did we go wrong? or
Why didn't I tell you the truth? Why was I so scared of the answer?
& then you start reminiscing through the " small details that you once loved " like the way he liked the color blue?
Just remember that a memory is a memory, good or bad.
& if you would like it to fade, you outnumber it with the good ones.
but the secret is they will always be with you.
You can learn from the bad ones and learn from the good ones.
Without pain you cant appreciate happiness.

But the one thing I have to say to you is that :
Your still young my lovely, don't let your feelings get the best of you. You love him, and I know that because when you really love someone all you want for them is to be happy, even if it means that you are not part of it

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