Friday, August 14, 2009


ive been up for quite a long time.
as i sit in this old crusty balcony that i know someday might break.
i could feel a small breeze hitting my face.
i start to see something beautiful.
something that i wish i had seen a long time ago.
the sunrise on the mountains
i could see the skies changing into different shades of blue and moving into an allure yellow and orange with a hint off pink and red.
and as the birds are slowly chirping.
i feel as if they are talking to the sky and welcoming a new day.
you might think that this is just another day and another sunrise on the same mountains and that every year or month or week or day I could set my alarm to about 5:26 just to watch the sunrise.
But what I see is a beautiful day coming.
A day that I should appreciate and not take for granted.
i feel the beauty of life today, right at this very moment.
it is breathing ..this amazing whiff of summer air.

i shall leave you guys to think about life, and how today, now is life.
its a journey not a destination my friends.
life is too short so take the time and appreciate.

i will go back to what seems like the most perfect moment in my life by far.
my head is cleared.
and this is breathtaking.

and now it is time for me to rest.
go outside today and feel the beauty of life.