Thursday, August 13, 2009


So much has changed in what seems like such little time.

I loved someone a lot, or atleast i thought i did and one day I woke up and I realized what moving on really is.

There's such a big difference between getting over something and getting through it. I got through with it all, but if one day he came up to me and told me that he sincerely loved me just the way i loved him, I wouldn't resist that. no i wouldn't. not what you were expecting to read. It's funny how things work out right? One day you think you'll be best friends with someone forever and one day you're just not anymore. All I know for sure is that when you love someone, I mean truly love someone, whether it's a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend wtv, you never stop loving them.

Think about it.

I've moved on, yes.

But a part of me will always belong to him, I will always have that part of me that loves him. & someday ill look back at those days. & remember that he once made me smile.

your lips were here. your lips were here. our lips were here. your lips were here.

your lips wont be here anymore.

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