Thursday, August 13, 2009

im done thinking of you.

have you ever got to a point where you write
his name over and over and over again in your notebook?
or secretly carve your first letter and his first letter on a wooden table or a tree? Hoping you'll finally be together? or Hoping one day you'd be together and say i carved our letters together ?
or when you just came out of a nice hot bath and the mirrors all condensed steam, do you slowly wipe your fingers by writing you name with his?
or maybe when you have a thousand other guys in front of you & all you can wonder is what he's doing right now?
or have you ever been in one of the most beautiful places with the most beautiful people but there's only one thing in your mind him?
but then you see that you can never be together because as much as you wanted this to work as much as you thought you knew who he was, he's not the guy you've been dreaming about day and night. he's just not the person you thought you were "inlove" with
& you realize that some things are just never meant to be 
no matter how hard we wish they were.

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