Thursday, August 20, 2009


I don’t think everyone sees things the way i see them. 

Look a little deeper.
there’s more to it, i promise.

there's more. 
really there is. 


  1. Hello there.
    Sorry I haven't been able to check out your blog till now.

    I could talk about this issue forever.
    People tend to be blind, and content themselves with superficial appearances. Most do not stop and look at depth, which in my opinion is most important.

    Everyone sees things differently. For every pair of eyes is unique in its own way. Hence no two visions can over overlap. There are cases where they come close, though.

    But then again, if everyone looked a little deeper, then the there would no way to distinguish apart those special few that do.

    I will try to keep reading often.
    And I think age doesn't really matter as much as your ideas do.

    Personally, I would suggest you expand on your posts a bit,to get your idea across better :)

  2. oh i just saw this comment,
    Im so glad you checked it out.

    you can talk about his forever, ill be listening. i love talking and sharing thoughts. if only people would see clearly through the blurriness.!
    Yes, it is important.

    True. True.
    But im not asking for them to see exactly what I see, but to grasp the concept that I want to share. Then again people can be so blind.

    Thank you.
    Expand, I shall… as school is starting to crawl up and steal me, this blog is all I have to let out most of the things I have to say,
    Thank you so much I appreciate it.

    your words are amazingly inspiring :D